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Lady Scientist Podcast Episode 0005 Dr. Franziska Seeger, Protein Designer & Chess Player

Franziska's mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was young. She wanted to understand more about her mother's disease, but what she found left her with more questions than answers. This led her to a career in scientific research and in particular, the study of proteins. During her graduate school research at Berkeley, she crystallized a protein dimer in groundbreaking work. After graduate school, she wanted to understand de novo designer proteins and did a postdoc in the Baker Lab at the University of Washington. She now works as a computational protein designer at Novo Nordisk in Seattle. We talk about another formative experience during Franziska's childhood: the world of competitive chess. What was it like playing chess throughout her teen years and into college? How did that environment impact where she is today and who she is today? And why did she decide to step away from the chess board?

Join us for episode 5 of Lady Scientist Podcast!

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