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Dr. Kiana Aran, CRISPR-Chip Inventor, Cardea CSO, Professor and Biomedical Device Pioneer

Meet Dr. Kiana Aran – the brain behind The CRISPR-Chip™, also known as the DNA Search Engine as it can search through whole genomes in minutes, with no cost of expensive lab reagents and no amplification errors.

Kiana is also an Associate Professor at KGI where she runs her academic research lab , and she consults for the Gates Foundation.

On this episode of Lady Scientist Podcast, Kiana uncovers her path to biomedical engineering, how the idea for The CRISPR-Chip™ came to her and what her personal invention process typically looks like, and the behind-the-scenes aspect of running a lab in the biomedical engineering space.

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Episode highlights:

  • 1:20 Kiana discusses what it was like when she was awarded the 2021 Nature Research Award for Inspiring Women In Science.

  • 9:23 Kiana dives into her mission to promote leadership roles for women and her thoughts around the focus on drawing women into STEM fields

  • 11:30 Kiana recently announced that she is launching Aran Nebula. She’s discussing the meaning behind that name and how it ties into her mission to promote leadership roles for women.

  • 14:24 Kiana uncovers the story of CRISPR-Chip and how the idea for it came to her.

  • 23:30 Kiana discusses the long-term vision she has for the CRISPR-Chip

  • 35:50 Kiana discusses her participation in the World CRISPR day event that brought together a panel of women leaders. Kiana chats about what it was like to collaborate with fellow panelists.

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